Benefits of Thai Massage – Thai Massage is derived from ancient Chinese and Hindu medicine. There are some influences from Japan as well. The practice dates back 2,500 years and is said to have originated from the physician who served Buddha himself. It focuses on the energy lines in the body and relieving tension through many postures that are similar to yoga. The therapist works along energy meridians to clear blockages and stagnation in the body.

When a pose is held, blood rushes to the targeted areas, and when released blood flows back into the area helping to clear where toxins have built up in the body causing muscle tension and soreness. It is particularly effective in increasing range of motion and joint mobility. The movement of joints and stretching help to increase synovial fluid in the body, which greatly alleviates conditions like arthritis. Thai massage is well known to increase muscle flexibility, circulation, and lymphatic drainage. It is also known to help stimulate and increase the immune system by allowing more blood and oxygen to flow freely through the body. Many people seek Thai massage to help with back pain, leg pain, and headaches. The benefits of Thai massage must be studied before choosing this treatment.

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