Thai Massage is derived from ancient Chinese and Hindu medicine. There are some influences from Japan as well. The best massage places on Oahu for this modality have professional, licensed therapists. Thai massage is geared towards applying deep pressure to improve circulation and mobility. The practice dates back 2,500 years and is said to have originated from the physician who served Buddha himself. It focuses on the energy lines in the body and relieves tension through many postures that are similar to yoga. The therapist works along energy meridians to clear blockages and stagnation in the body.

When a pose is held, blood rushes to the targeted areas, and when released blood flows back into the area helping to clear where toxins have built up in the body causing muscle tension and soreness. It is particularly effective in increasing the range of motion and joint mobility. The movement of joints and stretching help to increase synovial fluid in the body, which greatly alleviates conditions like arthritis. The yoga-like stretches involved in Thai massage can increase blood circulation in your body. Thai massage is well known to increase muscle flexibility and lymphatic drainage. It is also known to help stimulate and increase the immune system by allowing more blood and oxygen to flow freely through the body. Many people seek Thai massage to help with back pain, leg pain, and headaches. The benefits of Thai massage must be studied before choosing this treatment. You can feel rejuvenated by visiting the top massage places on  Oahu for this modality. 

What does a Thai Massage on Oahu Include?

Conducted on the floor on top of a mat or on a table, a typical Thai massage session lasts for 1.5 hours. Thai massage practitioners utilize their entire body to create pressure and stretch, stand, walk and kneel on the recipient. Unlike Swedish massage therapies, Thai massage does not have to be done with oil.

As a client, you will begin the session lying on your back or face down. The Thai massage therapists apply pressure with a rhythmic and rocking motion using the palms of their hands, thumbs and forearms. You will also be guided through a series of stretches targeting the hips, lower back, legs, shoulders and neck. 

Thai massage is also known as yoga for the lazy man. As a recipient, you only need to relax and let the practitioner conduct stretches. A skilled therapist supervising Thai massage Oahu will adjust the level of pressure exerted on your body so that you are not uncomfortable. 

Who shouldn’t Get a Thai Massage?

Thai massage is not recommended for pregnant people in their first trimester. Beyond the first trimester, expectant mothers should consult with a medical practitioner. Anyone facing the following conditions should avoid undergoing Thai massage therapy. 

  • Cardiac illnesses 
  • Blood clots 
  • Diabetes 
  • Cancer 
  • Osteoporosis 

The Benefits of Thai Massage 

Thai massage sessions come with an array of benefits. The Thai massage practitioner manipulates your muscles through various techniques. This type of massage therapy releases endorphins to help you feel good. Thai massage techniques also involve stimulating the acupressure points. 

By stimulating these points, your body will experience a healthier flow of energy. Unlike other massage techniques, you have to collaborate with the therapist and participate actively. It is a profoundly relaxing and tension-relieving practice of mindful movement. You can increase your range of motion and flexibility with this type of massage therapy. Here are some of the benefits of Thai massage you should be aware of.  

You will Feel More Centered and Balanced 

After undergoing Thai massage therapy, you’ll feel more balanced and centered. The therapist will work on each part of your body. You can recognize previously ignored sources of tension and are able to release them. Thai massage keeps you present within your body throughout the process. Thai massage Ala Moana will assist you in feeling relieved from stress and anxiety. 

Mindful Rest 

Thai massage typically involves lying down in a dimly lit room. The commitment to a Thai massage is a way of surrendering to deep relaxation. It allows your body and mind to unwind appropriately. The methodical movements will lull you into a restful and centered state of mind. The main objective of Thai massage is to relieve you from the sensory overload of life. 

Decreases Back Pain

Thai massage can be an effective and non pharmaceutical way of decreasing back pain. Thai massage incorporates yoga-like movement that can ease stiffness in the body. Over time, it can optimise your range of motion and flexibility. You can effectively control pain within the spinal cord with the help of Thai massage sessions.  

Boosts your Energy Levels 

Research studies indicate that Thai massage can augment the energy levels in the human body. Thai massage can increase energy and mental stimulation. Thai massage Ala Moana is based on the notion of energy lines or Sen. 

Most therapists believe that there are several types of energy channels within the body. Sen relates to various parts of the body, like bones, nerves, and blood. Thai massages use different techniques that constrict or open the energy channels.   

Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion  

By undergoing a Thai massage, you will experience improved flexibility and range of motion. It is a well-known fact that stretching can help decrease stiffness in the muscles. But did you know that it can help increase your joint’s ability to move? 

Stretching with the help of Thai massage practitioners optimizes blood flow to the essential muscles of your body. This type of massage can also make your joints stronger and more flexible. 

Honolulu Massage Therapy Improves Sleep Pattern 

Many individuals find gradual improvements in their overall sleep pattern after a Thai massage session. The pressure exerted on the muscles releases tension and is very relaxing. Thai massage also helps to optimize the circulation of blood across the body. 

By stimulating blood flow, this type of massage can help to reduce blood pressure levels. Therefore, if you have high blood pressure, undergoing a Thai massage can be beneficial. This massage is also an effective treatment for depression. It improves mood and posture by augmenting the serotonin levels in your body. 

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