Benefits of Lomi Massage – Lomi Massage is based on the concept of creating space in the joints so that the muscle belly can heal itself. It works a lot around the alignment of the body and the unwinding of the spine. It is traditionally considered a spiritual practice in addition to a wellness practice. Kahuna would practice Lomi for those in the family or community that were in need of healing or guidance. Traditionally a session would begin with Ho’oponono, or “making right”. This is when the practitioner would talk with the client about physical and emotional ailments and assess possible causes while enjoying a calming drink called Kava. If an herbal remedy would be more appropriate to give the client for their concerns it would also then be suggested.

Finally, the Kahuna would perform massage and energy work to clear blockages and realign the body. The practice of Lomi also often incorporates meditation, breathwork, and the concept of Mana which is similar to the concept of Qi and Ki in eastern medicine. Lomi Massage has the intention to not only address the physical but also to rid the body of negative energy and to facilitate the body mind and spirit to heal itself. The Benefits of Lomi Massage must be studied before choosing this treatment.