Body, Mind & Spirit

When we assist others from a place of compassion and truth, we create waves of wellness that expand like circles of water reaching the shore of who we really are as individuals and communities.

Lono’s Wellness Group is dedicated to helping members of our community find methods of healing that are tailored to their body, mind, and spirit. We aim to promote creative and cross-cultural understanding through combining philosophies of the healing arts to cater to our clients’ interests and needs. Offering an array of techniques to address pain sites and promote relaxation, we customize each routine to suit the client and promote healing.

Lifestyle products made in Hawaii, locally made spa brands, and natural products from around the world are offered at our location and in our online store. We believe in organic and natural products that aid in enriching our wellbeing and our communities.

Our pricing is based on the medical Insurance rate of $135 for an hour of clinical massage therapy.  We offer collaborations and services that are tailored to the client and unique to us. We consider all of our services preventative care and immediate care for most ailments and diseases. Each practitioner has their own business and we come together to provide an experience that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. We believe that when we take care of ourselves, we leave room to give back to others and inspire.

Lono: God of Peace & Harmony

Lono is the God of Peace and Harmony in Hawaiian Culture. It is our intention to help you find greater peace and harmony in your day while helping our community become stronger.

Lono’s Non-Profit

Lono’s Wellness Group is a non-profit in two ways; we advertise and incur all marketing costs for fellow practitioners in our collaborative and provide booking services. This currently amounts to 7-10 thousand dollars a year donated to the wellness practitioner community.

Rewild Hawai’i

Rewild Hawai’i

We also produce a flower essence line called “Rewild Hawai’i”. They are homemade flower essences from the flora found on Oahu and they are crafted with specific stones, reiki energy and intentions. They are charged on specific astrological events such as the Pink Full Moon in Scorpio as seen in the photo below.

Flower essences are particularly helpful in clearing emotional blockages and diseases that have come to fruition because of emotional and subconscious turmoil. In Hawaiian culture flowers were used to heal anger, resentment, remorse, lack of confidence, greed and anxiety. Essences were also used to remove poisons and restore health. In addition, they are said to help you open the mind, restore balance, speak and act more clearly.

Many native cultures recognize the time we are living in as The Age of Flowers, in which those who respond to the teaching of flowers will rebuild areas of Earth’s web that have been harmed by unclear thinking and who are committed to peace, generating joy and light.

Ten percent of all Rewild Hawai’i sales go to the Rewild Hawai’i fund which has a mission of creating self-sustaining vertical gardens and community gardens for Hawaii’s low-income residents.

I loved the studio, the lonos team and everything about the session I had with them. I recommend anyone taking their friends, family, significant other for an amazing reiki massage with Celeste and team!

Davey D.

“Very transformative experience. I love my membership here!”

Sandra P.