Reiki, Massage, Acupuncture & Craniosacral Therapy

Celeste Williams | Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & Reiki

“I got an amazing hot stone massage from Celeste. Absolutely night and day with my minor back pain. I would highly recommend Celeste to a friend or family.”

Lilly V.

“My husband and I both got 90 minute massages and we are both very happy with them. We get massages regularly and so tend to be picky. Happy to have found good massage therapists while on island! Yay!”

Laurel M.

“Celeste is exceptional. She is truly the single best massage therapist I’ve ever worked with. Her style is intuitive, and she remembers her clients. She knows what I need, remembers my preferences and needs. I’ve recommended her to several friends and coworkers. ”


“Simply wonderful. I have been seeing Celeste for over 3 years for massages. She listens to you and focuses on what you need. I always feel much better after her treatment. Recently, I tried craniosacral massage and that has been life changing! She did reiki on me and it blew my mind. Celeste is very intuitive and is a true healer. The ambiance is relaxing and inviting. I highly recommend her services.”

Abby A.

Tim Nguyen, LAc, Dipl. OM | traditional Chinese medicine practitioner

I want to update that Tim has helped me to get pregnant again! Thank you!

Rosa B.

I used Tim’s services for labor induction. Giving my baby a natural birth was very important to me. I did a lot of research about artificial inductions and I knew that it often leads to other complications, pain, and distress for the baby. To my big distress my OBG/YN recommended that I have chemical induction right on my due date because the baby was in distress. I was in a dilemma of waiting to have a spontaneous natural birth and risking my babys health vs taking pitocin chemicals for immediate induction. Fortunately I found Tim who let me visit the same day I called and continued finding time in his busy schedule for two.

Olga M.

“Tim helped me greatly with my elbow and Achilles tendinitis. This was my first experience with acupuncture and I was very impressed with the results.”

Nadia V.

Reiki, Massage, Acupuncture & Craniosacral Therapy

Austin Tani | Respiratory therapist and practitioner of the Zone technique

“Austin Tani is the owner of Bringing Balance Back and he has been able to help me release so many things and different energies that I’ve been holding onto these past decades! I feel so much better and have had comments that I even look better!”

Marylin L.

“Wow! I am absolutely amazed! I have been working on myself for a few years. Then, I met with Austin & saw immediate results! The amazing thing is that we met on zoom and he was able to tap into my energy from online!
That blew me away, because he was able to describe certain feelings that I experienced at a specific age. It immediately opened up a floodgate of feelings & a childhood memory that I forgot about (suppressed). Once he patiently walked me through the process, I was able to heal that old hurt & release that abundance block…”

Claire A.

“Austin’s holistic approach to health is unmatched. His zone technique paired with simple breathing exercises allowed for instant relief of physical pain and past mental trauma.
If you have tried many different types of western medicine with no avail, I highly recommend to visit Austin.
Much aloha Austin. Mahalol

Justin O.

Jacquelyn | Certified Reiki Master & Energy Therapist

“My Reiki sessions with Jacquelyn is always so relaxing! I always feel so great! Highly recommend Jacquelyn!”

Wendy Y.

“I truly enjoyed my Reiki sessions with Jacquelyn! She made me so comfortable and relaxed. I felt amazingly calm, happy, and rejuvenated afterwards! I highly recommend her!”

Natasha H.

“I have had three sessions with Jackie and recommend her whole heartedly to anyone that understands the positive benefits of energy treatment.”

James O.

Tania Serrato | Body Sculpting

“A wonderful experience everyone I see Tania. I always feel toned and sexy after each session.”

Celeste W.

“This is the first time I’ve been introduced to body sculpting and I loved it. Tania is very amazing to work with. Definitely visiting again on my next trip to Oahu.”

Juliane D.

“Body sculpting has been very beneficial to me and I love my new shape.”

Christina K.