Oldest Therapy in the World

Cupping Therapy and Body sculpting work very well together. Cupping is one of the oldest therapies in the world dating back to ancient Egypt. Ancient civilizations all over the world used forms of cupping therapy to help cleanse the blood, rid the body of disease and promote circulation. However, it is most well known through Chinese medicine. Recently, the use of dynamic cupping techniques have become very popular in sports medicine. Michael Phelps was seen at the Olympics with cupping marks all over his body which sparked a huge interest and popularity in this traditional therapy. Cupping Therapy is particularly helpful in moving stagnant energy and fluid from organs and soft tissue like muscles, out of the body through excretion. It is a negative pressure that helps muscle fibers separate and loosen. It is often considered more effective than traditional myofascial release to increase mobility. It is also considered more effective in moving stagnant lymphatic fluid than traditional lymphatic drainage techniques. That is why it is helpful to have a cupping session after a body sculpting session; the body will be more willing to release the toxins and waste from eliminating fat cells. Cupping therapy can also assist with reducing cellulite and toning the face to lift and look younger. Learn more about the benefits of Cupping here.