With massage therapies gaining newfound popularity in the mass market, cupping therapy has been a rather common name. In spite of its recent fame, cupping therapy Honolulu is quite an ancient practice. It can be found in one of the oldest medical books, the Elbers Papyrus, which describes how Egyptians first used cupping therapy back in 1,500 B.C. 

It was used as an alternative medicine therapy, where the therapist put specially-made cups on the skin to create suction. Nevertheless, given the several beneficial effects it can have on your body, it has regained its prior fame.

 People, especially those into bodybuilding or strenuous jobs, prefer this therapy more usually because most of its benefits are to create myofascial release better blood circulation in the muscle tissue as well as stimulate a more intense release of toxins from the body. A cupping therapy session can help with reducing inflammation or pain, increase blood flow, lymphatic drainage and encourage relaxation. It is especially wonderful for arthritis, eliminating residue from old medications in the body, reviving the blood, and stimulating the immune system to pass out residue from viruses or infections. In fact, in Chinese culture cupping is referred to as “cleaning the blood”. 

You can say it is a kind of deep-tissue massage. The cups are typically made from bamboo, glass, silicone or earthenware. 

What Should You Expect Out Of A Cupping Therapy Session? 

Before you go in for a cupping therapy Oahu session, you must know that there are two kinds, namely wet and dry. Wet cupping actually draws out blood from the body and can only be practiced by a licensed physician. Wet cupping is not widely practiced anymore because of its more dangerous side effects. In both of these approaches, the therapist will use a flammable substance in a cup on your body. This can be anything from paper or herbs to alcohol. 

They will light this substance and put it inside the cup for a moment, then after taking it out promptly they will place the cup on your body. The air cooling inside the cup creates a vacuum. This will create suction inside, causing your skin to rise and expand your blood vessels. The cups are left in place typically for about 20 minutes. There is a more modern approach to cupping therapy which uses a rubber pump in place of the fire and some types of more flexible plastic cups used for stretching the muscle and sports therapy. 

There are also many types of techniques and ways of using cupping therapy that either promote sedation or an increase in energy levels. After the session, you will notice red marks of your skin where the cups were. The darker the color, the more stagnation in muscle tissue or correlating organs in that area.  Your skin will look normal in 10 days at most. There is also facial cupping that leaves no red marks and helps to buff out fine lines and wrinkles as well as give a slight facelift over time by training the muscles in your face to firm up. 

Why Opt For Cupping Therapy Massage? 

Now that you know how the therapy works, you might be wondering if it is right for you. To help make that decision easier for you, here mentioned are some benefits you can expect after a few sessions. 

  • It Encourages Toxin Release From Tissues:

Harmful toxins can often hamper your quality of life and your body’s rejuvenation capabilities. While your organs are already removing toxins, sometimes they need extra help.

The modern lifestyle can often overload toxins in your body. In such situations, cupping can work wonders. As it promotes focused blood flow, your body gets the required help to flush out accumulated toxins from your lymphatic system. 

  • It Helps Reduce Anxiety:

While this reason might not seem convincing enough, it has scientific backing. When the therapist glides the cups across the skin, it engages your parasympathetic nervous system. 

This system is known to regulate heart rate, encourage gland and intestinal activity, and aid digestion. With that system triggered, your body instantly experiences a sense of deep relaxation. 

  • It Can Help Treat Asthma And Congestion:

Congestion can occur with bronchitis, cold and also asthma since these can build up phlegm in your lungs. However, the suction from cups helps break it up and unblock congestion. 

It draws oxygen-rich lymph and blood closer to your lungs and respiratory muscles. Although typically, cups are placed on your back, for this process, they can also be placed on the front of your chest. 

With the information present in this blog, there is no further confusion that should deter you from making the right choice. Doing your research and checking reviews before finalising your decision will help you make the best choice for you. This will ensure you go to reputed service providers like Lono’s Wellness Group.