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These are other businesses professionals or services that support the Lono’s Wellness Lifestyle.

Reiki, Massage, Acupuncture & Craniosacral Therapy
  • The Zone Chiropractic

  • Somato-Emotional Release
  • Inner Child Work

Austin Tani

Respiratory Therapist & Zone Technique Practitioner

The Zone technique is a chiropractic healing method improves the brain’s communication with the six zones of the body to restore health. He combines his work with that of Christopher Scott which incorporates breathing techniques, somato-emotional release and inner child work. He is a an Oahu native raised on Kauai and has 3 beautiful children and a loving wife. His passion to spread aloha and love to others through his work has helped him to see excellent results in reduction of pain and disease. You can also visit his website at

Abby Amirdash

APRN CEO & Medical Director

Aloha Advanced care At Aloha Advanced Care, we provide comprehensive medical evaluations by experienced nurse practitioners in the comfort of wherever you may call home. Our team consists of nurse practitioners and admin staff who are motivated by the sole purpose of improving healthcare outcomes for our local population- especially our kupuna.

Aloha Advanced Care

Candace Walker

Reiki Master Teacher Energy Worker

Candace is a Reiki Master Teacher Energy Worker since 1998. Candace has studied with several teachers including kundalini yoga, Peruvian Shamanism, metaphysics, meditation, channeling, and mediumship. Candace was first initiated into Reiki by Mary McFadyen. Mary is one of the 22 Reiki Masters initiated by Mrs. Hawayo Takata, who was influential in bringing Reiki to the western world from Japan. Mary founded Reiki Outreach International in 1990, a community to facilitate healing on a societal and planetary levels.

Pure Elegance Arts

Tania Serrato

Body Sculpting

Tania Serrato, our Body Sculpting technician, has a passion for helping other women look and feel their best through this new and popular technology has shown her services to be high in demand. It is so wonderful to see the women coming out of her sessions glowing and ecstatic about their newly toned shape. Body sculpting is a newer therapy that is a safer, non-invasive alternative to Lipo-suction. Fat cells in targeted areas are melted away by lasers and ultrasound equipment. Most Treatments can be completed in 90 to 180 minutes depending on how many areas you would like to focus on. Overall, my personal experience with Tania and her Body Sculpting solutions have been wonderful. I feel light, toned and inspired to be a healthier version of me every time I go in for an appointment. If you are interested in our Fit and Fabulous package that includes two areas of body sculpting and 1 hour of cupping for $400 you can book at the link below.

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Rewild Hawai’i

Reiki, Massage, Acupuncture & Craniosacral Therapy

Homemade Flower Essences

Homemade flower essences made on Oahu, charged during astrological events with reiki and healing crystals are perfect for emotional and physical healing stemming from energy blockages and emotional disturbances. Often the application feels light, yet the effects can be phenomenal. Based off of the philosophy that everything is made of frequencies and that flowers, stones and astrology have different vibrational effects on each individual, these remedies can literally change your whole vibe!

In Hawaiian culture flowers were traditionally used for healing the emotional body and were picked with respect and reverence for the plant it came from. I practice this method with all of my remedies. In Hawai’i flowers were used to heal anger, resentment, remorse, lack of confidence, greed and anxiety. Essences were also used to remove poisons and restore health. In addition, they are said to help you open the mind, restore balance, speak and act more clearly.

Many native cultures recognize the time we are living in as The Age of Flowers in which those who respond to the teaching of flowers will rebuild those areas of Earth’s web that have been harmed by unclear thinking and who are committed to peace, generating joy and light.

Oahu Organics

Reiki, Massage, Acupuncture & Craniosacral Therapy

Local Skincare

Oahu Organics is an amazing locally made brand of skincare to make an attractive lifestyle. All of the ingredients are sourced from local farms and made into beneficial skincare lines without any harmful preservatives. Many skincare brands use formaldehyde and other toxic preservatives to keep the shelf life of the contents for a longer period of time. These products have nothing of the sort in them. We often use their shimmer oil for dry brushing after massage to give you a gorgeous golden glow at the beach. We also love using their entire facial line on many of our clients.

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