Benefits of Massage After Injury & Surgery –  Massage Therapy is beneficial in keeping muscles healthier and helping them to receive the correct nutrition. In a nutshell, by increasing blood flow, massage helps increase nutrients and oxygen to the tissues resulting in increased tissue metabolism. Muscle flexibility and range of motion can be effectively improved by massage and recovery time after an injury can be significantly shortened.

For clients suffering from injury, lactic acid and carbonic waste, along with other toxins are readily removed from muscle tissue during the massage. It also acts as a sedative to the nervous system allowing for recovery to be more effective. The build-up of new adhesions is prevented and chemicals like phosphorus, sulfur, and nitrogen are released to aid with tissue repair in the body. In sports medicine, debilitating pain and erratic muscle behavior are referred to as DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is prevented primarily by the effects of massage. Deep Tissue massage in particular is effective in increasing the permeability of tissue by opening up the pores and tissue membranes so that fluid can pass through and excess water can be removed.

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