An estimated 70 Million U.S. residents suffer from some type of digestive disease. Nausea, Vomiting, heartburn, constipation, and bloating, are all things people dread dealing with on a frequent basis. So what is a healthy gut and how can we avoid or heal from gastrointestinal issues? A healthy gut is one that contains immune cells and healthy bacteria that ward off invasive bacteria, fungi, and viruses that seek to make us sick or cause disease. Recent research is showing more links to autoimmune diseases, arthritis, and diabetes from a healthy gut. 

What we put into our bodies has the power to heal and harm. If we are able to nurture ourselves with healthy, organic, and nutritious foods we are much less likely to suffer from diseases stemming from gut imbalance. The food that we eat is essentially broken down into nutrients that get supplied to our blood, which nourishes our entire body. 

However, besides consuming a balanced diet full of nutrient-rich food items, massage therapy can be an alternative to keep your gut working optimally. Pick a massage therapy in Honolulu offered by a reputed clinic to improve the functioning of your gastrointestinal tract.   One of the oldest therapies in the world, cupping, is referred to as “cleaning the blood” in traditional Chinese medicine and almost every ancient culture in the world had some form of cupping they used to treat stagnation and disease in the body. 

After cupping treatments many attest to the excretion of toxins from the body as well as relief from skin ailments, congestion in certain organs, and release of restrictions in muscle fiber.Similarly, massage can have multiple positive impacts on your physiology and its working. From digestion to blood circulation, several physiological activities receive a boost after a session of massage in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

However, the followings are a few ways a good massage can improve your overall gut health. If you experience bloating, indigestion, or any other gut-related issues, massage could be a sure way to resolve them. For more complicated problems, you might have to follow a treatment coupled with regular massage. 

Massage Therapy in Honolulu May Help Maintain Gut Health

Massage can be beneficial for overall gut health in more than one way. The followings are a few ways in which massage aids the process of maintaining gut health. 

Improves Digestion 

Good digestion often remains associated with sound mental health. When you do not feel at ease due to persistent digestive issues, you feel stressed and anxious. Therefore, your overall psychological health degrades. 

With suitable massage therapy received from an expert, this problem subsides drastically. Once the symptoms diminish, you can book an appointment with an experienced therapist capable of handling such delicate stomach and intestinal problems. 

With the help of deep strokes from experienced hands, these massage therapists can help in the breakdown of food aiding the process of digestion, absorption, and assimilation at the same time. 

You will find several options for abdominal massage in Honolulu, Hawaii. Make your leisure time involves some relaxation to improve your gut health by opting for a massage session. 

Massage Treatment Reduces Bloating 

Abdominal area massage impacts overall gut health in two ways. First, it helps release the blockages created by congestion in the intestinal tract. 

Additionally, it also strengthens the abdominal muscles that help keep the gastrointestinal tract working optimally. An expert therapist can sense the parts of the abdomen experiencing congestion like bloating, acidity, constipation, and several other problems. 

Once they detect the problems in the colon area or intestine, they press and massage the parts accordingly. This allows the sufferer instant relief. Regular massaging often rids the patient of the problems permanently. 

Massage treatment for bloating is quite popular and effective for all. People with persistent problems of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or acidity may find these therapies particularly helpful for their gut health.  

Improves Metabolism

Another benefit of undergoing an abdominal massage session remains improved metabolism. Besides offering you relief from certain digestive disorders, massaging can also help you improve your quality of life.  

After massaging, your enzymes secrete more efficiently. As a result, your body absorbs anti-oxidants and nutrients more proactively. Consequently, you lead a better and healthier life than before. The involuntary muscle movements in your alimentary canal ensure smooth and uninterrupted movement of all the food items and water you consume. 

Massage often stimulates this muscle movement and helps reach the goodness of what you eat and drink move across the digestive system properly. Try massage therapy in Honolulu to aid the process of metabolism. 

Daily Care Regime to Keep Your Gut Health In Order 

Besides massaging, several other daily care practices can help you maintain your gut health. Check the following list to know how you should manage your diet and lifestyle to keep your intestinal tract working properly.  

Eat Healthy Diet 

Everything about your gut begins with your diet. If you have enough green vegetables, fruits, water, and nutritious food items in your daily diet chart, your gut is most likely to stay in good condition. 

Avoiding excessive consumption of junk food, red meat, etc can be a good way to keep gut problems at bay. Additionally, consumption of alcohol, sugar, and fatty food items beyond a certain level can obstruct your intestinal functionalities severely. Therefore, keep your diet chart proper to keep your gut health sound. 

Consume Adequate Water 

Water can be another item controlling your gut health. No matter how carefully you devise your diet chart, if you do not consume enough water every day, the level of absorption may be less than optimal. 

Water is also important for keeping your intestines clean. That is, it helps in regular bowel movements. When you consume an inadequate quantity of water, your chances of experiencing problems like constipation, acidity, and indigestion swell up. Therefore, keep a check on your daily water consumption to take proper care of your gut. 

Exercise Everyday 

While massage therapies in Honolulu can help in digestion in many ways, a little exercise can also offer several benefits. Physical activities boost blood circulation and enzyme secretion. 

Therefore, the digestive system works efficiently and nutrient absorption takes place adequately. As a result, you feel relaxed, fit, and perfectly healthy. Always remember that gut health ensures more than digestive health. It also contributes to your overall well-being and mental health. 

Therefore, following a daily care regime to keep your gut working at its optimum potential leads to more benefits than one. For expert massage therapy in Honolulu, get in touch with Lono’s Wellness Group.